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Factors Determining a Pontoon Boat’s Speed

Factors Determining a Pontoon Boat’s Speed

There are so many reasons to choose a pontoon boat when you are cruising around with your friends or family. They are often designed for luxury boating, and a plus is that they are spacious and stable. Given that they are commonly known for leisure, you would assume that speed is not their strong suit. So, how fast can a pontoon boat go? What factors determine its speed?

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go?

Considering pontoon boats measuring 18–25 feet, you can expect speeds of up to 25 mph. This is perfect for relaxed boating, giving the passengers time to sightsee and enjoy each other’s company. The aim is for a relaxed and laid-back pontoon experience. Otherwise, if you are going for higher speeds and a more exciting ride, your pontoon can go past 30 mph.

Factors Affecting the Speed of Your Pontoon Boat

Like any other boat, a pontoon boat can also achieve higher speeds. The following factors influence how fast a pontoon boat can go.

Engine Size

One deciding factor in how fast your pontoon will go is the size of the engine. Most vessels feature relatively heavy 40-horsepower engines, but if you are a thrill seeker, upgrading to a 150-horsepower engine can easily double the speed. However, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s engine recommendation based on the pontoon’s design.

Boat’s Weight

Like other vessels, the lighter the pontoon, the less effort it will take to propel it, increasing its speed. That explains why manufacturers specify the maximum number of passengers for any design, ensuring the pontoon isn’t overloaded. The better you manage the weight, the faster your pontoon boat should go.

Boat Design

Did you know that some pontoons are designed for speed, just like typical race cars? These ones are more high-performance and perfect for water sports, as they can reach maximum velocities. They usually have more hulls and are lighter to help reduce drag.

Boat Maintenance

When hiring a pontoon, you should ensure it is well-maintained. If it is clean and free of marine life clinging to the tubes, it will be easier to propel, which makes it faster. The same applies to the boat’s engine.

Hire a Pontoon Boat for Your Fun Adventures

If you are a fan of pontoons and want to try sailing faster through the waters, you need a boat rental in Washington with a massive fleet. Trust Jet Skis Ahoy for access to a range of pontoons for an adventure-filled day out.

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