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Picking the Right Type of Pontoon

Pontoon Boats At Lake Chelan

Are you in the market for a new pontoon or want to choose one from a boat rental company? There are so many options available, coming in various models and sizes, but you want one that meets all your needs. To help you narrow it all down, we explore the various types of pontoon boats and their perks.

Bar Boat

Are you hoping for a fun-filled adventure with your buddies, a family day out, or hosting a small party as you watch the sunset? The bar pontoon is designed with entertainment in mind, featuring a bar top and stools in addition to the conventional pontoon seating arrangement all around.

Fishing Pontoon

This pontoon is ready when you want to go fishing solo, with a partner, or with a small group of people. This is perfect if your fun day means going out fishing. Besides a practical floor plan for the activity, it also features the aspects you love in a pontoon, and it is a comfortable boat to cruise around in.

Twin Engines

Out of the different types of pontoons, the twin-engine design is suitable for people who love jet skis or going full throttle in the waters. The creators had that in mind, making sure that the horsepower is increased, not just for the fun part but also for functionality, such as when sailing long distances in the water.

Rear Lounge

There is so much you can do when you take a pontoon into the water. If you are planning an extended stay and are taking more people with you, you will need the comfiest pontoon available. The rear lounge offers that and more with its comfortable and multifunctional seating arrangement. You can bring the entire family along, lounge all day, and take the pontoon out for as long as you like.

Quad Seating

This is one of the simplest layouts out of the different kinds of pontoon boats. It has two lounges, one on the back and one of the front, and a passageway in the middle, making it perfect for an adventurous day with stunning views. In addition, this boat type is ideal for families because it gives you a sense of being closed in and secure—suitable for kids and pets.

Choose the Best from the Industry

Boat rental companies in Washington have various types of pontoons based on your needs. If you are looking forward to a thrilling adventure on unique and stylish pontoons but are unsure where to start, contact Jet Skis Ahoy and choose one from our fleet.

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