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The Differences Between a WaveRunner and a Jet Ski

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The terms jet ski and WaveRunner are often used interchangeably to mean a personal watercraft. However, the two are unique and offer you a distinct experience. If you are a water enthusiast who loves hitting the open waves with maximum speed, you may want to know the difference between a jet ski and a WaveRunner.

Hull Design

The two feature unique hull designs, so the riding experience also differs. WaveRunners are created in a motorcycle design, meaning the rider sits down with the legs on each side. This makes it comfortable and easy to navigate across all skill levels. On the other hand, jet skis are usually created for standing when operating them, similar to a conventional watercraft. However, there are modern jet skis with improved sit-down designs.


The WaveRunner vs jet ski riding styles are distinct. For instance, jet skis, which often have a stand-up hull design, are perfect for sporty and generally more aggressive riding styles. Instead of the sit-down type, these vessels are for adrenaline junkies seeking a more thrilling experience. However, WaveRunners are more well-rounded, making them suitable for aggressive and casual riding, not just for the thrill.


One impressive aspect about jet skis is how they are high-performance when you are going for speed, especially for skilled riders. If you love to test out your agility when going at full throttle, the jet ski will be perfect for making aggressive maneuvers unless you are going for the sit-down versions, which are more versatile. WaveRunners boast control and maneuverability. So, you can use them for casually cruising around or even performing tricks, blending recreation and sports.

Skill Levels

Another jet ski vs WaveRunner difference is in the rider’s skill level. If this is your first time aboard a personal watercraft, you will opt for the WaveRunner because of its sit-down design. You are sure of a comfortable and stable ride you can easily control. The more you try to perfect your skills, the easier it will be to operate a jet ski. It is best for riders whose skills range from intermediate to expert levels, making it great for stretching the limits regarding maximum speeds and tricks on the water.

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Knowing the difference between a jet ski and a WaveRunner makes it easier for you to decide on the one for you. Each comes with amazing benefits and is suitable for particular types of riders. If you are looking for a reliable jet ski rental in Washington, contact Jet Skis Ahoy for an exhilarating experience.

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