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Ready for the best experience on Lake Chelan? Feel the breeze in your hair as you cruise away on our private jet skis!

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We at Jet Skis Ahoy offer our clients some of the most fun water activities. Whether it’s a small or large group, our jet ski rental services in your favorite lake in Washington have got you covered. Your day out will be the most memorable, thanks to our clean, well-maintained jet skis. We are here for you if you are an adrenaline junkie who wants to go full throttle as you ride over the waves.

We also care about your safety, so we offer the required safety gear, like life jackets, and equip our fleets of jet skis with the necessary safety features. To avoid injuries after falling, our jet skis use water jets as propellers, and in case you fall off, the key attached to your wrist automatically shuts off the jet ski. Our staff also provides basic orientation before you sail off and supervises you, ensuring that you get only the best jet ski experience.

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Do you need the flexibility to choose how you want to jet ski? Our services cater to all our clients’ needs and budgets. Whether you are looking to enjoy a short ride or a luxury jet ski rental in Washington, we are at your service. Our prices are competitive, and we guarantee you value for your money. You can trust us to offer the best equipment and amazing customer service for a truly unforgettable jet ski experience.

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The Best Solution For Your Boat Rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients appreciate how competitive our jet ski rental price in Washington is. We cater to all your needs, so our charges vary based on the type of jet ski and how long you will be in the water.

First, our staff briefs you on operating your jet ski and offers safety gear like life jackets. Secondly, the vessel automatically shuts off in case you fall off, thanks to the key attached to your lifejacket.

You can book a jet ski in advance and call in to make reservations. It means you will have your ride ready when you come in.

We offer our clients the best services for private jet ski rentals in Washington. Our services and competitive prices will make you a loyal, happy client.


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