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Are you a good swimmer and want to try something exciting? We offer you our amazing paddle board rentals in Lake Chelan. We have so many water activities that you can try out, including surfing away in our high-quality paddle boards. Whether you want to paddle and feel the wind in your hair, need a stress relief activity, or want to try paddle board yoga, we have got you covered. You can even bring your dog along to enjoy the cool breeze.

Paddle boarding is growing more popular in the region and is an exciting solo or group activity that you can try. Whether you are a professional or learning something new, paddle boarding will be a thrilling experience for you and your friends and family.

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At Jet Skis Ahoy, our goal is to offer the best services for our clients. We guarantee this by making sure that our paddle board rentals in Washington are affordable and flexible for all. You can take them out to the water for as long as you want—whatever fits in your schedule and works for your budget. Your safety is also paramount to us, which is why we provide all the safety gear you need before you go into the water. We give you a vest, leash, and other safety gear as required by local and state laws.

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The Best Solution For Your Boat Rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a reservation for your paddle boards is recommended because it is more convenient, and you are sure they will be ready when you need them. However, you can still come in and rent the boards whenever they are available.

Along with your high-quality board, we also offer our clients other safety gear to carry with them when they go into the water. We provide all the equipment required by the US Coast Guard and local law enforcement. 

You can only access our paddle boards at specific times of the day. When you rent in advance or are checking same-day availability, it has to be within normal hours of operation.

Jet Skis Ahoy is about making memories and creating a fun-filled day for you. You can rent the boards for a solo adventure or several of them each for your family members and friends for an even more exciting group experience.


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